Abstract submission Guidelines

To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms and deadlines mentioned.

Abstract Structure

  • The maximum word limit for the abstract is 250 words.
  • Your submission should be submitted in English.
  • We encourage you to send informative abstract (complete abstract) which is a compendious summary of a paper’s substance including its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion
  • Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract.

Steps to follow for your abstract submission

Once you prepared your abstract according to the above guidelines,

  1. Submit your abstract to (abstract@medoc2019.co) email address.
  2. After submission you will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via an email within three working days.

Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Please submit your abstract before 1st of March 2019.


Double Blind Peer Reviewing Process

  • Your abstract will undergo a double blind peer review by the MEDOC19 scientific committee within two to three weeks after its receipt.
  • Results of the abstract review will be sent to the author within two weeks of submission
  • The Congress President serves as the head of the scientific committee and will take the final decision on abstracts.
  • Acceptance or rejections of the paper will be sent to you with reviewer comments.
  • If revision is required, the revised abstract must be sent back within a week
  • If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to registration for The Middle East Diabetes and Obesity Congress – (MEDOC19)

Important information for the co – authors

  • Please note a single registration permits only one person to attend the conference
  • If the co-authors would like to attend the conference their registration and payment is required to be made independently.
  • However they will be given a discount of 15% from the Non Presenter’s (Listener’s) registration fee.
  • Certificate will be issued for the co – authors upon their registration/payment for the conference.
  • Please make prior communications with the organizing committee regards to this matter to enjoy the benefit of the discount.

If you are not hearing from us

Please set your email spam filter to accept messages from “@MEDOC2019.co” and “@SaudiDiabetes.com”. Contact the main conference coordinator at Khalid.Hafez@Aspiregroup.org in case you do not receive an acknowledgment/follow-up email from the conference secretariat after sending in your abstract, registrations or inquiry within 48 hours. Please check your spam/junk folder in prior to making inquiries regarding your concern.

We will send you regular updates regarding the conference development. Please go through the said updates and plan your schedule well ahead of time. Make sure to provide your mobile phone number in your registration form along with your abstract, this will enable our team to contact you if you should have any issues regarding your abstract or registration.

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  • info@medoc2019.co
  • Mr. Khalid Hafez
  • 00966541137506
  • Khalid.Hafez@aspiregroup.org
  • Dr. Mahmoud Amer
  • 00966543008161
  • Msamer@aspiregroup.org
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